Rancho Bernardo

Designed by the San Diego government for people to live in, bringing out the best features of the canyons.

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Rancho Bernardo is 6,500 acres of crisscrossing canyons and rolling hills with grassland, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and freshwater marsh. A sprawling community located 32km north/northeast of downtown San Diego, east of 4S Ranch, north of Carmel Mountain Ranch, northwest of Poway City, and south of Escondido City. The community was designed by the San Diego government for people to live in, bringing out the best features of the canyons. These canyons and beaches showcase the area's natural beauty.

Rancho Bernardo is, although it is a residential community in the northernmost part of the City of San Diego, distinctly itself. The various big-name corporations with around 50k employees bring in a median household income higher than across San Diego. The Rancho Bernardo Business Association facilitates communication among the members of this community with meetings, seminars, and regular networking activities. The local wineries and country clubs offer the community's inhabitants a lot of leisure options.

Rancho Bernardo hosts a yearly summer street fair, the carnival-type RB Alive, and claims the home of the oldest-operating winery region-wide, the 1889 family-owned and operated Bernardo Winery since 1927! So, what's not to like in Rancho Bernardo?

Why Rancho Bernardo is a Great Place to Live

Rancho Bernardo was also designed to be self-sustaining, evident in the selection of dining and shopping choices for the residents. Daily needs are within easy reach with retailers and service providers like banks, gas stations, real estate agents, insurance agents, health care providers, lawyers, etc. Essentials like the post office and pharmacy are in a central area of the community together with food options for takeaway from work to home.


Rancho Bernardo's housing prices are quite higher than the average estimated value in San Diego. The median rent in Rancho Bernardo is also higher than the average rent.

There are affordable units of 2-bedroom townhouses and luxury homes as well. Currently, most single-family detached houses in any Rancho Bernardo San Diego neighborhood are lived in by the actual owners as well as attached homes like townhouses and condominiums.

Since its development, thousands of houses were constructed in Rancho Bernardo during the boom in the 1970s - 1980s. Prospective residents will be looking at existing property houses so they can call Rancho Bernardo home. Rancho Bernardo has some of the best neighborhoods in San Diego. There are several neighborhoods affordable for a middle-class family. A starting family can easily find the right neighborhood in Rancho Bernardo to start their dream home.


Job Opportunities

Great work opportunities are present in Rancho Bernardo. It is where the corporate headquarters of Sony Electronics is located and a major office of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Other businesses claiming Rancho Bernardo home are Broadcom, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Renovate America, Teradata, LSI Corporation, BAE Systems, ASML, Northrop Grumman, and Amazon.

Rancho Bernardo has a business park of 685 acres home to those companies. Rancho Bernardo definitely has great advancement prospects!


Excellent Public Schools

The family-oriented community of Rancho Bernardo values high-quality education and prides itself in its great schools, many of which are rated A+ and within safe walking distance to the residential neighborhoods.

Under the Poway Unified School District, young residents attend the Monterey Ridge Elementary School, Turtleback, Westwood, Highland Ranch, stone Ranch or Chaparral Elementary Schools. For middle schools, there are Oak Valley or Bernardo Heights Middle Schools and Rancho Bernardo and Del Norte High Schools for the older kids.

Adult learners can avail of the National University and the University of Phoenix campuses in Rancho Bernardo!


Recreation and Entertainment

Lake Hodges - hiking trails, fishing, and boating. Golfing at Oaks North, Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Courses, and championship courses at the Bernardo Heights Country Club and the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo.

The 40-acre Rancho Bernardo Community Park includes the Rancho Bernardo-Glassman Recreation Center (with programs for toddlers to older kids like sports programs, martial arts, and dance classes), Ed Brown Senior Center, and the Rancho Bernardo Dog Park, sports fields, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, lawn bowling, gymnasium and meeting rooms.

There is also Webb Park, tucked behind a restaurant with a pond with ducks, fish, and turtles. Other nearby parks and outdoor recreation areas include Black Mountain Open Space Park, the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, Escondido’s Kit Carson Park, and Felicita Park.

For night entertainment there are cafes, a dive shop bar, and bar restaurants with various wine choices. As a southern California community, Rancho Bernardo has its wines and beers. There is the Karl Strauss Brewing Company with its 150 different brews, Domaine Artefact Vineyard and Winery, and the family-owned and-run Bernardo Winery.

Dining and Shopping

Dining choices in Rancho Bernardo are diverse, restaurants, pubs, bistros, and cafes serving coffee, pizza, Texas cowboy chicken, steaks and chops, soups, barbecue and grill, and international menus like Chinese, Persian/Mediterranean, Mongolian, Vietnamese, for any taste or palate cravings of families.
For great shopping, there is the Rancho Bernardo Town Center, The Shops at Bernardo Winery, Westwood Shopping Center, The New Mercado Shopping Center, and more. There are shopping centers for convenient access to regular needs like sporting goods, pet stores, jewelry stores, auto parts stores, and retailers for home goods.

Boutique shops are found here too, supporting local businesses, like specialty shops at the Rancho Bernardo Inn and the Artist Village.

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