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Cardiff-by-the-sea, commonly called Cardiff, is a renowned beach community in the incorporated city of Encinas in San Diego county, one of the hidden gems of California.

Welcome to Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Cardiff-by-the-sea, commonly called Cardiff, is a renowned beach community in the incorporated city of Encinas in San Diego county, one of the hidden gems of California. Bordered by the immaculate ocean of the Pacific, to the west, Cardiff-by-the sea has Encinitas to the east and north, the Cardiff State Beach and a lagoon to its south, it affords residents with panoramic ocean views in a truly remarkable setting.
Cardiff-by-the-sea attracts many visitors for its surf spots, among the best in the area, its wide sandy beaches and spectacular cliffs. Add camping in an awesome setting boasting supreme ocean views!

Idyllic Lifestyle in Cardiff-by-the-Sea

Not all San Diego communities bring Mexico or colonial Spanish to mind. Cardiff-by-the-sea is reminiscent of Wales. The residents of this coastal community are privileged with wonderful weather year-round, a lot of community events, and the perks of seaside living, which they value and work to keep - their quality of life and the natural beauty features that make Cardiff a great place to live.

Real Estate opportunities

A beach town in a remarkable setting surrounded by nature's beauty, any particular property in Cardiff makes for a good investment property. Put in tropical landscaping in a perfect location, open or enclosed front yard near the beach with an ocean view, imagine the home to raise your family in, becoming a lifetime legacy property!
In April this year, Cardiff real estate was deemed a seller's market, meaning more people are wanting to buy than available houses, sales were completed after just 32 days of displayed property listings. The median listing price was $2.2M, selling median home price was $2M.

One of San Diego's best beach towns

Having some of Southern California's best beaches, Cardiff has outstanding marine life and settings in the tide pools most visible during low tide. Cardiff State Beach maintains kelp beds and these are natural homes for all kinds of fish and sea creatures. San Elijo State Beach is a popular camping area famous for its snorkeling, diving, and simple beachcombing.
Cardiff State Beach has a laid-back atmosphere where one takes in the lovely scenery or the sight of surfers "riding the big ones" into shore. Cardiff Reef is known for powerful waves. Surfers favor the Cardiff Reef area too!
Nature has endowed the area with more than strong waves. There is the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, almost 1000 acres, the largest wetlands reserve in San Diego county, featuring all kinds of habitats when the tide is low.

Great neighborhoods

In a small population, just more than 11,000 with a median household income of $111,901, only less than 10% of residents are below the poverty level. The majority are homeowners, with the mortgaged property. A great place to put down roots with an indescribable sense of community.

Dining and Shopping


Local restaurants in a picturesque setting

The casual and easygoing natives go for fast-food to dine-in choices, by a favorite surf spot or a sandy beach in the Pacific Ocean, or a seaside market. There are noteworthy restaurants in this beach town to savor scrumptious food amidst a stunning view. The varied cuisines of American, seafood, Mexican, Italian and vegetarian menus will tingle your taste buds. But after partaking of these gastronomic goodies in a restaurant row, you can walk off any calories you've gained in a tour of Cardiff's.

Shops Galore!

Cardiff's shops give buyers a lot of retail store adventures locally and beyond to national and global brands. So many shops and gift stores showcasing artworks, beauty products, land and water sports kits and gear, boutiques, and jewelry. If you're on to serious shopping, you'd find unique items for gifts for any occasion or event.

Employment Options

Cardiff-by-the-sea is certainly not a blue-collar town, 91.85% of employees are in white-collar jobs. 54.38% are in private companies, 22.97% are self-employed, 14.34% are government workers and 9.3% are in not-for0profit companies. Cardiff residents serve an economy where the primary workers are in white-collar employment.
The average household income in Cardiff by the sea is $152,184 with the median at $111,901. These figures show that employees in this city are paid well, which is quite important, because property costs here aren't cheap, even those not on the beach areas.


Education levels of Cardiff natives are relatively impressive with 33.63% bachelor's degree holders, 6.36% with Associate degrees and only 1.16% didn't graduate high school.
The Cardiff Elementary School District has two schools, Cardiff Elementary and Ada W. Harris Elementary Schools, both with A ranks in the niche. After graduation, the kids transfer to Encinitas schools, likewise ranked A.

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